Would immersive technologies contribute to the customer experience in a restaurant ?



THE DIGITAL: A must, you may say! But what about the restaurant sector? And what are we really talking about? For a restaurant, it can be a tool on its website, or for the more elaborate ones, interactive menus on digital screens.

The customer experience is now the key to attracting customers to a restaurant. Indeed, 89% of customers who are disappointed with their experience go to another restaurant. According to an Oracle study, 93% of marketing professionals rank customer experience among their 3 priorities. Indeed, a brand can lose up to 20% of its revenue when it does not integrate the notion of customer experience into its thinking.

Virtual reality

It’s up to you, the Restaurant owner: it’s the ideal tool to immerse the customer in your universe and make him discover your concept and the atmosphere that emerges there. VIRTUAL VISITS help the customer to plan ahead, and confirm his choice, especially if your restaurant is more than 100 km from the place of residence, he will want to be sure! Through virtual reality, the customer concretely visualizes the place, the dishes, the specialties making the experience more immersive.

The customer travels to live a real, different and emotional experience, this type of technology therefore meets the expectations of more serene consumers.

The advantages of the virtual visit for a restaurant :

– Total transparency

– Building customer confidence

– Valuation of the premises

– Promotion of your dishes

– Immersion in your universe

Advice :

– Virtual tour of the room and kitchen

– Presentation of the team

– Photo gallery of the chef’s specialties

– Booking form for reservations

– Opening hours

– Contact information

– Menu of the day

BE careful not to reveal too much and not to disappoint the customer during his “real” visit.

Digital signage

It makes it possible to convey your messages, values and essential communication elements to today’s customers who are looking for meaning.

When Alain DUCASSE unveils his film “Naturalité” by presenting his producers, his products, a real return to his roots, he tells a story with strong messages and weaves a link between his client and space. Telling your story (while you are in the kitchen) makes sense in your space.

Digital screens or interactive tablets

They are the ideal medium to capture your customers’ attention and support your customers throughout their journey, creating a seamless and continuous digital experience. Positioned in strategic locations, you will highlight your history, your choices, and relay your communication, your universe…

Attractive, digital signage captures the attention of your customers and allows you to continue the experience.

Interactive tablets are now an integral part of the customer experience and various uses are possible as a digital signage medium.

Equipped with barcode or RFID technologies, tablets allow your customers to be autonomous in their customer journey.

Personalized, experiential and quality customer service to each of your customers.

Imagine the personalized table service thanks to the information collected.

Equipped with shelves, the room staff have more information about the customers. Their tastes, their last choices, their intolerances and allergies listed and referenced, would allow you to build a relationship with your customers.

Go a little further with “Augmented Reality”

Augmented reality is approaching virtual reality. Each customer can project himself with a demonstration of your dishes in the kitchen, with fun, offbeat animations, just like your restaurant.

What a surprise to scan the dish, and visualize how you proceeded to make this dish. A customer who slips behind the scenes of your kitchen will become an ambassador and an “intimate”, in this sense, augmented reality brings real added value to the customer experience.

Augmented reality is an opportunity that allows the customer to take ownership of your kitchen.


Customer service is a key element in making the customer experience satisfying and making the customer want to come back. Improving customer service also requires the digitization of services and appropriate technologies. They can provide added value in the face of increasingly demanding customers.

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