The vocation of Talents & Gastronomy is to create value for your establishment and assist you in your creation, staff management, communication and cost control.


How to spot the right place for my concept?
And what kind of catering concept to develop in my local?

The environment, the visibility, the ease of access, the technical characteristics are, among others, essential points in the success of an establishment. We can visit your local future, give you an opinion, and then undertake a study. With extensive work, we can recommend the type of concept to develop.

How to adapt my offer to new consumer trends?

Gastronomy does not escape “fashion”, in other words consumption trends. Talents & Gastronomy has identified 6 major consumer trends that sell. While anticipating the transformations of the sector, we can adapt your map, your decor, your communication, your concept to meet the expectations of customers.


What is the potential turnover of my current or future establishment?

When Chef Pierre Gagnaire closed his gourmet restaurant in Saint Etienne for lack of a sufficient number of customers he said “it was like selling umbrellas in the desert”. The reputation of a chef and the quality of his cuisine are not enough to make a project viable. With proven analysis techniques tailored to more than 300 projects, we are able to evaluate your potential turnover.

How to diversify my business while minimizing risks?

Once the success achieved with his restaurant, it is legitimate to ask these questions: Duplication of the restaurant? Creation of a hosting service? Partnership with a big brand? Delivery service or catering? Opening a grocery store? We guide you by analyzing the profitability and the level of risk of your future investments.

How to find and convince financial partners?

You have the idea, the necessary talents but they miss you the sufficient funds to launch your activity. We build together your business plan by studying the legal structure, the business model, the intellectual protections, licenses, your forecast …. We help you to present it to our network of investors, depending on the case in 30 minutes, 3 minutes and 30 seconds!


How to make my establishment known?

Your business has become reality. You need to be sure to explain your concept and goals in terms of key messages. Optimally, it is very helpful to build a communication strategy and plan. Then, we must ensure the consistency and relevance of in-line and off-line tools. Today, digital must not be neglected because it offers real opportunities.

How to manage my social networks and the comments of my customers?

A Facebook page is a very good start, then create a Twitter account, Instagram, and other networks according to your goals. It is important to stay in control of your communication, and to remain vigilant about what is being said about your institution. There are also tools to analyze your e-reputation and list your comments. Your answers are essential to your customers’ comments. For example on TripAdvisor, it is possible to insert your photos and to change formulations or titles. OPERATIONAL MANAGEMENT


How to create or renew my card and set prices?

Did you know that at each card renewal, 40% to 60% of the existing card remain generally on the card. How do I know which offers to keep, replace or even delete? Which prices applied? Thanks to techniques that have been proven for more than 15 years and re-updated every year, we can help you renew your card while boosting your sales and operating margin.

How to improve my service style and the experience of my clients?

Achieving full customer satisfaction is important but not enough. A pastry chef can make a dessert to perfection, the bar team serve it professionally, if the customers do not live the hoped-for emotions, they will not talk about it or come back. We have been working for 15 years on the management of customer emotions and we propose to manage your room and your kitchen as “sensory factories”.

How to optimize my operating margin?

1 restaurant on 2 farms before the third year of activity. A good chef is not necessarily a good manager. Sometimes just a glance at the trash can say a lot about management. A restaurant may be often full but close for lack of good operational management. Inventory management, cash management, theft prevention (casting), tenders, recrudescence of purchase orders and delivery … we are the co-drivers of your BUSINESS!


L'équipe Talents & Gastronomie est à votre disposition pour répondre à vos questions.

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