You wish to know the evolutions, the key figures of your market with fine analyzes, economic as well as interviews with the major actors of the sector.

We currently have two studies on:

• The gastronomic restaurants market

• The delicatessen market


You want to know the POTENTIAL turnover of your next location or your current location, we perform an “SUR MERSURE” MARKET STUDY.

After a local analysis (quality of premises, environment …), we determine your competition and your potential customers in order to
Calculate your future turnover.

The 350 studies already carried out, in the catering sector, have detected 97% of the Go or No Go for all of our customers.


You want to improve the quality and the customer experience within your organization. We check the quality perceived and expected by your prospects and customers.

To do this, we have developed specific techniques for each actor in the catering, hospitality and retail sectors. The emotions felt by clients are decoded throughout their experience in your organization.

This allows us to identify improvements to be made throughout the experience cycle that have economic and strategic implications.


Constantly monitoring culinary trends, consumer behavior and new emerging concepts in France and internationally, we develop best practices and trend scenarios.

We also organize discovery trips on these latest developments and market innovations in France and Europe, customized for your teams. These events are essential to inform and stimulate your ecosystem.

Check out our latest video in Lisbon on trends in this boiling market


L'équipe Talents & Gastronomie est à votre disposition pour répondre à vos questions.

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